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Today I have an important reminder for you about listening within to your feelings with compassion and love for yourself – because your feelings matter.

All too often we ignore, avoid and push down our feelings.

If you ignore a child’s feelings they feel unloved.

Ignoring your own feelings has the same result — your inner child/self/being feels rejected, abandoned and unloved by you.

It’s time to be compassionate with your feelings. If you judge your feelings, telling yourself you are wrong for having them, your inner child/self/being will feel rejected and abandoned by you.

If you are kind, gentle, tender, understanding and accepting of our feelings, you will feel loved by you.

What we feel we can heal, what we repress becomes stress.

If you want to be strong value your weakness.
If you want to be happy love your sadness.
If you want to be courageous embrace your fear.

Much love to you – give yourself a hug of love right now xx