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Man is what he believes. ~Anton Chekhov

What ever you believe to be true is true. Your beliefs are the building blocks of your conscious thought and they create your reality. You have thousands of them about everything … business, relationships, health, fun, parenting, men, women, the world, friendships and so on.  They are unique to you and there are many beliefs you have that you will not even be aware of.

Our foundational beliefs are formed between the ages of zero to seven years (our imprint years). We adopt the beliefs from the people around us  (our role models) and we also form beliefs through our experiences. A belief is simply a made up sentence. It’s a story that you’ve created and you will find evidence throughout your day and throughout your life to support that belief to ensure it is true.

When it comes to creating and living the life we desire, some of our beliefs support us and others hold us back and even sabotage us.

If your beliefs are working for you – ROCK ON! That is awesome – keep believing them.

However If you’re not getting the outcomes you want in a certain area of your life, it means that your beliefs are NOT working for you and you need to change them if you want a different outcome.

Are your existing beliefs empowering you or limiting you? 

Do they help or hinder you?

Do they make you more or less likely to succeed?

Do they lean more towards the positive or the negative end of the scale?

Beliefs that are not working for you produce crappy self-talk, bad decisions, actions, reactions, expectations and outcomes. Some of these beliefs might include things like:

“Exercise is painful and boring.”

“I can’t live without chocolate.”

“I’m not a gym person.”

“I look at food and I get fat.”

“I could never do….”

“For me, it’s a time issue.”

“This is soooooo hard.”

In the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive we take a deep dive into those common beliefs that can lead to self-sabotage. We stretch ourselves to create new beliefs and share them in our private Facebook group.

Some examples of the new beliefs that resonate for many are …

“I now believe I am free to be me”

“I believe my body is gorgeous.”

“I believe I love food.”

“I now believe my opinions, feelings and thoughts are worth being heard and I voice them with confidence, clarity and grace”

“I now believe what I think other people think about me is irrelevant”

“I now believe I am enough”

“I now believe saying no and having boundaries is a sign of my love and respect for myself”

“I now believe I am smart, capable, skilled and talented and I give myself permission to stand out and to shine”

“I now believe I respect, love and trust me right now”

What you believe to be true about you really matters. Replace negative and limiting beliefs with new ones that serve, support and encourage you to shine. Write your new beliefs down and laminate them and stick them on the wall in the shower.

Read them aloud EVERY TIME you have a shower, they will become a part of you and grow bigger than the ones holding you back. Imagine the difference these new beliefs will make to how you think, what you feel and what you do.