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This article was originally published in Resident Magazine, December 2014

Too Stretched 

For more than five years Fiona Knox had been working at least 55 hours a week in her business. ‘I was mentally and physically spent,’ says the owner/operator of Miilan hair salon. ‘I gained 30kg and felt alone even though I had the support of awesome family, friends and colleagues.’ Fiona’s father, ‘a massive supporter’ of everything she did also passed away. ‘I’ve always been a smiler, a positive person. It’s just that my energy levels were exhausted from giving work all my attention. There was no time for anything else let alone for me.’ Fiona was “kicking goals” and business was growing 10% every year, however she knew there was more to life.

Resident_nov 14_3Change It Up

Some clients who had participated in ART Your Life programs, brought Catie Kirke into Fiona’s world, actually into her salon. ‘They saw how hard I was working and said, “you’ll love it. It’s you.” Fiona called Catie, many times, yet believed she had no time to do a course. ‘One day I knew I had to change it up,’ she admits. ‘I completed Catie’s ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive via the self paced online version, it gave me goose bumps and I wondered why it took me so long to get here. It helped me remember who I was before life got on top of me and took me back to a child-like freedom where you can achieve anything you want.’ Fiona also attended Catie’s advanced Mindset Mastery course and it deeply resonated with her. ‘I learnt how positive thoughts can change any situation and outcome, how to silence that evil twin on my shoulder and how my brain works and why. I’m an ART-er for life now and I tap back into the group whenever I need. And, the old Fi’ is back and here to stay.’

New Opportunities for Mii (pronounced ‘me’)

Fiona has shed 15kg and changed the 15-year old trading name of Stone Island to Miilan to create a ‘new direction and salon culture.’ Her team has also discovered greater confidence, professionally and personally, through Catie’s especially tailored workshops. ‘Every staff member now has an awareness of each other and they have learnt to avoid presuming what’s going on in someone else’s bucket. They’re also aware of the responsibility each other has towards achieving a positive culture for the business,’ enthuses Fiona, which in turn has helped Miilan to flourish with a profit increase of 15% this financial year.

‘Change had become daunting at times. I now fully embrace it. Change equals choice. Choice equals opportunity, which in turn creates the freedom to attract what you truly desire for yourself. My favourite saying is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This became my reality for way to long. “Some action is required” is now my truth.’ ~ Fiona Knox

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