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I AM ….

When put together, they are the most powerful words in the English language because whatever words you put after them become your identity, your reality and define you.

How often do you find yourself saying things like ….

I am lazy
I am stupid
I am silly
I am fat
I am useless
I am ugly
I am busy
I am stressed

Now, imagine turning these statements around and saying them out loud to someone else?  You know how much it would hurt the other person and you would most likely feel remorseful and sorry.

The point is, if you say negative “I ams’” to yourself you are hurting YOU. These statements are like post it notes on your head. They are literally labels that you give yourself.

Now imagine turning these labels into more positive and empowering statements. How would you feel and how different would your life be if you gave yourself these labels instead…

I am beautiful
I am blessed
I am loved
I am loving
I am capable
I am balanced
I am unique
I am important
I am valuable

I encourage you to spend time today focusing on “I am __________.”

Write them on post it notes and stick them around the house as visual reminders of how much you value and love yourself. Look in the mirror each day, look yourself in the eye and say them out loud.

Remember, your thoughts create your reality.

I am me.
I am enough.