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mix-1049-logo-footerThis morning I was invited to join Mix Breakfast hosts Iliara and Greg on Mix 1049 Darwin to chat about the Australian model Cassi van den Dungen and the criticism surrounding her weight at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week …….oh boy …body image and the elusive thin ideal is something so very close to my heart.

Get this … the average model weighs 52kg’s and is 180cm tall. The average woman in Australia is 71kg and 160cm tall. So the shape, weight and size of the models that we see on TV, catwalks and in print media is not even close to being representative of the average Australian woman.

We are literally setting young women up to be negatively influenced by this. Conservatively, 9% of the population are seriously affected by eating disorders. Eating disorders often stem from body dissatisfaction. Body dissatisfaction stems from this glut of images and TV commercials coming at us constantly about the ‘thin’ ideal, the way we should look, being wrinkle free, cellulite free, age-defying creams and so on – it is never ending.

We seem to talk about this issue every year, but nothing seems to change. Why does this continue to happen?

Here’s the replay of our chat on air – get ready for a BIG dose of reality.