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Article Written and Published by NT Style Wedding Magazine, June 2014, featuring photography by Jean Martin of Point of You Studios, Darwin

Charlotte Nelson, 36, is a newlywed. Well, kind of … 

“Andrew and I have been together 17 years and married for 13,” said Charlotte.

“But after the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive, that marriage ended and another marriage began. We have a brand new marriage based on love, respect and honesty.”

Charlotte enlisted the help of Catie Kirke and the ART Your Life team after acknowledging a desperate need for change.

Her marriage was at breaking point and so was she.

“I married Mr Right,” said Charlotte.

“He ticked all the boxes and I believed I was punching above my weight. So I spent the next decade becoming what I thought he wanted – what I thought he deserved.  The pressure overwhelmed me. My needs were unsatisfied so I went looking for satisfaction elsewhere which lead to substance abuse, cheating and depression.”

After ART Your Life workshops focussing on mindset, fitness and nutrition, Andrew joined Charlotte for the relationship workshop.

The pair learnt about love languages, behavioural styles and the relationship cycle’s four seasons.

“I am a very spiritual person and I feel very much connected to nature to the four seasons really made a lot of sense to me,” said Charlotte.

“I have a better understanding of the purpose of each season. After that workshop, Andrew and I looked at each other as if for the first time. We learnt that our differences didn’t need to tear us apart. It was that yin and yang that made us a formidable team.”

Like many other ART Your Life graduates, Charlotte found a connection to winter – a season she once feared.

“Our old relationship was many, many winters in a row,” said Charlotte.

‘The seven year itch felt like an overall rash. Now, when I am feeling that narky feeling I know it’s time to start nurturing myself – to mediate, to read a book, to forget about all else and focus on myself.”

“I’ve actually ended up loving winter!”

A winter wedding perhaps?  It could happen. Last week, Andrew asked Charlotte to renew their vows. Needless to say, Charlotte said yes!

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