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the power of I am

The power of “I am”.

When put together, the words “I” and “am” are the most powerful words in the English language. Whatever words you choose to put after them actually become your identity.

Can you remember a time that you found yourself saying things like, “I am useless”, “I am not good enough” or even, “I am broken”.

Imagine turning these statements around and saying them out loud to someone else. You know how much it would hurt them, don’t you?

The point is, if you’re saying negative I ams to yourself, you are hurting you and they are like labels you’re giving yourself and carrying around with you each and every day.

Now imagine turning those labels into more positive and empowering statements, how differently we would all feel if we made sure each of our I ams was followed by a word that empowered us, such as “I am capable”, “I am important” and “I am enough”.

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