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the magic of mindfulness

The magic of mindfulness. Being mindful is when you notice unintended sarcasm or crankiness entering your tone of voice or when you notice negative or judgmental thoughts you are having about yourself or others. A few seconds of stopping and reflecting will enhance your actions, your thinking and your feelings and therefore your outcomes in life.

You can choose to become more mindful every day by asking yourself these key questions:

What am I thinking?
Is it worth thinking?
If yes, could I think about this more positively?
If no, what shall I choose to give my attention to and think about now?

Or what about your feelings? Ask the same questions.

What am I feeling right now?
Is it worth feeling?
If yes, shall I feel this little bit longer?
If no, what could I now do about it?

So, as opposed to striving for happiness and feeling stressed because you are repressing uncomfortable feelings or thinking, focus on doing mindfulness even more, every day.

The magic of mindfulness is a stop before you act manoeuvre.