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Creating a powerful vision for you and your life is one of the keys to turning dreams into reality.

Our beautiful mind does not know the difference between reality and fiction. Remember when you last watched a scary movie? Was your heart beating faster, palms getting sweaty?

Your mind and body will literally be having a mental and physical response as you’re watching something like a scary movie. And yet, even when you are watching it, you know it’s not true.

So let’s flip this … when you totally focus on what it is you do want to have, your mind starts to believe it’s true, and it acts accordingly. One of the best ways to do this is to create a vision board.

Go to the local hardware store, grab a cork board and spend some time googling, searching for some images, going through magazines for the things that you want to experience.

Maybe it’s travel, maybe it’s going to Paris, maybe it’s a new boat?

Download these images, cut them out and put them on your vision board.

Use this vision board to be what you focus on first thing when you wake up and last thing at night.

Imagine that those things are happening right now.

It’s called the law of the manifestation and as you do this, what will slowly happen is your mind believes it’s true, and therefore it helps you go get it.

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