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Resident 1_June 2014

They worked as Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers while studying. Now Phillipa and Micheal Van den Boom are franchisees of six stores, and counting. However, there was a ‘gap’ in their lives. ‘I was lost’ begins Phillipa. ‘I’m a mum, wife and business partner and wear these hats well but never made time for me. I was in the funk for two years and ignored it.’

But her husband Michael knew they both needed help. ‘We were just going through the motions in our marriage and our business,’ he reflects. ‘I knew things could be better but didn’t know how to change them or what needed changing.’

Phillipa attended an ART your Life information session and signed up immediate because ‘part of me wanted to discover something new about myself but I was scared of change and what that meant.’ Michael witnessed Phillipa begin to energise her world and hungered for the same tools’ he also signed up for the Mindset Mastery course.

And, every day since completing the program the happy couple, whose nine-year marriage is ‘a million times better’ and finds them ‘in love again’, have positively impacted their lives as individuals, a family and business owners. ‘We’ve learnt everything is about choice, we understand different ways people receive information and rephrase our language, so ‘it’s a stretch’ rather than ‘it’s hard’, says Michael.  ‘We know how to inspire and communicate with our 170 staff members and understand their favoured methods of receiving information because we talk their language.’

“We have our days but we don’t wallow. Instead, we ask ourselves what are we going to do about it?’

The focussed, freer and influential role models have even overhauled their business structure. ‘We know our outcome, make measurable goals, plan and all staff at Palmerston, Coolalinga, Darwin, Nightcliff, Casuarina and new opened Karama, hold themselves accountable. Profits increased 40 percent in March and we’re not working harder but smarter while cementing our philosophy as our business culture,’ assures Michael. A new logo, new uniform and refurbishing is fostering a welcoming Domino’s Pizza experience.

Article by Peta Burton, Resident Magazine, June 2014


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