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Have you ever compared yourself to the women you see in magazines or on TV? What do you feel and say when you look in the mirror?

‘Woohoo! I am gorgeous.’


‘Oh yuk. LOOK at me’

On Thursday 11th June 2014 I convened a panel discussion about body image, the beauty ideal, pressure to be perfect and eating disorders. There were six guests including Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement, and a Sydney model, mum of a woman who survived anorexia, a journalist and media strategist, a magazine publisher and photographer and a fitness instructor who has been criticised for being ‘too fat’.

It was such a powerful evening – confronting, authentic, sometimes challenging and definitely emotional.  Women coming together really does create magic especially when they are sharing their stories and keys to overcome adversity.

During the panel discussion I shared that yes we all  have ‘problems’, they are a part of life It is not the size of the problem nor  how long we ‘have’ it for  that matters. The thing that matters is the meaning we give the ‘problem’ and whether we internalise it and make it about our own worthiness, loveableness and goodness and okayness. If this happens, the ‘problem’ then becomes problematic and it’s an issue.

In ART Your Life we teach our clients how to diffuse ‘problem’. This doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that it’s not the ‘thing’ that you may face at many times in your life. What is DOES mean is that the impact it has in you grows smaller and smaller and you gain personal power and love of self.

The inaugural event, called The Forum – Getting Real About the Beauty Ideal received a lot of media attention with two really hard core radio interviews.

  1. Have a listen to my short interview with Greg and Ilaria on Mix 104.9 as the topic of body image, parenting and beauty gets peeled right back.
  1. And the interview with Julia Christensen on ABC 105.7 with Taryn Brumfitt and Onika Paloucci, the fitness instructor who has been called ‘too fat.’

I trust you will find them both very interesting. If you or any woman you know is struggling with negative body image or eating issues please be sure to contact us. We specialise in helping women overcome these all too common and soul destroying ‘problems’