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not pleasing others

If you are so busy keeping people happy, why are they still expecting more and more from you? Why the hell are you feeling so frustrated and pressured?

Look, it’s sweet that you want to please others and make their world a better place but that really isn’t possible.   You can’t make someone happy – no matter what you do.  All you can do is make things a little better.  You can’t change what is going on inside their minds and hearts and unfortunately that is what influences the way they see you and what you do for them.  It’s quite possible that you could never do enough for them, anyway.

Their happiness isn’t your responsibility and it doesn’t lie in your hands.

Happiness is a choice.  You decide to be happy or you don’t.  It’s as simple as that. 

If you are striving to keep people happy for some internal reason of your own it’s time you stopped to work out what it is.  Are you afraid of losing a friend, or someone’s good opinion of you?  Maybe you are working to expectations that were imposed on you as a child?

Just as all the people in your life can choose happiness, so can you.  You can decide how you want to react to their demands.  So far you’ve been choosing to accept the pressure and to feel imposed upon but look where that has landed you.

You are just as important as anyone else.

You deserve the chance to feel fantastic and excited by life.  You deserve to feel good about yourself no matter what choices you make.  You have the power to do this just by making a choice.

Choose to be happy no matter what.