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What IS happiness? Usually, it refers to a feeling – a sense of pleasure or contentment.  We all enjoy happy feelings so it’s no surprise that we strive to feel them.

So many people are caught up in the pursuit of feeling happy, because that’s what society expects us to be and if we’re not, well maybe there’s something wrong with us, right? Yet, I wonder how often we actually stop and think about what happiness really means. Why are we in this constant state of striving and yearning to be happy when there’s already so much in our lives to be grateful for that perhaps we might be overlooking?

I asked the beautiful ladies in our ART Community what happiness means to them and I decided to create this blog post to share what they wrote, and I encourage you to take a minute and have a read. You’ll be inspired by their heartfelt and honest responses.

Happiness for me is spending quality time with my family and friends. It is so uplifting.” ~ Anna

Gratitude – for my home, my family, my gorgeous friends, my recovery & the most wonderful life ahead of me.” ~ Larissa

Having a few really good friends, and doing good things for others.” ~ Di

Accepting and giving love with an open heart, whatever that form takes; with an open mind.” ~ Laureen

“Happiness for me is pure love, a journey of self-discovery aboard my ship of life which includes every moment and every beautiful soul that I connect with.” ~ Larni

ART is part of my happiness. I am building new friendships and networks daily as a result of changes I am making. However, giving some of that love and kindness to someone else when they most need it either by a hug or smile gives me joy and happiness always. I am feeling grateful for my family and friends right now.” ~ Sharyn

Happiness is hearing my children laughing and sharing in their enjoyment of the world.” ~ Kim

Happiness to me is being mindful of self and being true to my core values. This is becoming clearer every time I delve into what makes me tick. When I am ‘at cause’ there is a sense of serenity no matter how ‘busy’ I am. All thanks to ART and my own green and growingness.” ~ Pam

Happiness is a state of being. For me, it is a peaceful mind and an open heart.” ~ Shannon

Happiness is loving myself fully and unconditionally first and thus enables me to love others more fully as well.” ~ Tammy

Happiness for me is a hug, especially from my son. A hug has a powerful effect on me. Wow, that hit a nerve saying that out loud… I love hugs!”  ~ Marilyn

Happiness for me is a feeling that creates a mindset – one filled with love, gratitude and harmony.” ~ Imogen

Happiness to me is an open heat. Loving me first and foremost gives me an open heart to love others. Been grateful and doing / giving to others makes me happy and having a wonderful family and beautiful friends that I love.” ~ Tina

Happiness for me is gratitude moments in time in presence with family, friends. Happiness is achievement mindfully acknowledging. Happiness is awareness smiles, birds, nature rhythm and dance.” Rosy

Happiness is a word where you create your own definition…my happiness encompasses all of the above.” ~ Brenda

What does happiness mean to YOU?

If you’d like even more inspiration, click here to download this manifesto. It is sure to uplift you and encourage you feel happiness by focusing on gratitude.

Happiness Day Manifesto