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Taking a leap of faith

You often hear people talking about taking a “leap of faith” and it sounds kind of dramatic.  I picture cliffs and capes and fist punches in the air.

While I’m sure that there are people who have taken that leap, I’m just as sure there are those who are putting up with their lives because they are too scared to move.

Is that you?  Do you enviously have your nose pressed flat up against the window while you watch people take their leap?

I think we should understand that making change is not always about taking leaps.  Change isn’t always loud and dramatic or even energetic.  Change can be slow and soft and subtle.

But no matter how it happens, change requires a magic pill filled with Priorities, Persistence and Perspiration. It comes from our own self-awareness and then what we do with that awareness.

If you’re sitting there thinking “I can’t do what she did” then stop it right now.  You don’t have to do what she did – at least, not in the way she did it.  You are unique and original.  You can make your changes in your own way.

Someone once said, “To create more positive results in your life, replace ‘if only’ with ‘next time.’”

Next time, wear the outfit you really want to instead of dressing down or demurely so you don’t stand out. Next time, drive home the scenic way instead of the main road: notice the scenery and feel free and appreciative.  Next time, say no when you want to and do that other thing you really want to do instead.

And then do it again.

Making change is like using a muscle.  The more you practice the stronger you become.  Take one step of faith and then take another.  And another…

Remember, change requires that magic pill.

One day you will watch someone take their leap and realise you’ve already taken yours and you’re flying.   That’s when you’ll realise that you really have stepped into your own power at last.