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Originally Published in Resident Magazine, Nov-May 2016 Issue

Sophie Budack is capable of anything. She completed seven-hour training days at the Australian Institute of Sport plus school, every week, as an artistic gymnast.

‘It was my dream to be an Olympian but amidst the expectations and pressure, I also craved a normal life,’ reflects the 21 year old. ‘I often doubted my ability, and eating disorders and depression became my norm in my late teens.’

Sophie graduated from high school as an unmotivated, angry and lost 19 year old and, again, found herself sabotaging the future. ‘I’ve always felt I wasn’t good enough and never believed in me.’

However, a friend suggested the Miss ART Program, Catie Kirke’s free, six-week personal growth program for girls, aged 16 to 20. ‘Honestly, I was indifferent about being there,’ insists Sophie. ‘Yet, a light bulb went off. It was Catie, her words and how she genuinely cares, which made me realise I can change my life and I did. Now, I have a make-up artistry business and work with television to weddings.’

‘I appreciate me. I understand my emotions and acknowledge them and know how my brain works; information I’ve never had. If self-doubts arise I remember the tools Catie taught me and see myself doing whatever I wish – nothing’s holding me back.’