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Resident_nov 14_2This article was originally published in Resident Magazine, December 2014

A Woman of Substance

Vivienne Savill is a woman with multiple qualifications.

She’d been a nurse for 25 years then focused the next decade of her career on Naturopathy.

However, Vivienne wasn’t generating the income she wanted and feared making ‘another bad business decision.’ Doubt, ultimately consumed her.

‘I wanted to make changes to my business and clarify the direction I was planning on taking it was right for me,’ shares Vivienne. ‘I wanted a business coach and someone who could help me overcome what was holding me back, from lacking confidence networking, promoting myself and my product, belief in my ability to make sound decisions to my relationship with money and ability to generate wealth.’

Vivienne admits she’d always been someone inside her head. Now, it was time to step out.

‘As a child I was never taught to dream. It was all about surviving. I think many people are like this and end up with regrets.’ ~ Vivienne Savill

Nosce Te Ipsum (Know Thyself)

Ten years of interstate business training equipped Vivienne with a healthy skepticism however, she was curious to see what the seven-week, ART Your Life course had to offer when she saw Catie Kirke’s TV commercial.

And from day one, Catie’s candid, passionate and authentic approach resonated. ‘Her abundant tools and techniques helped me identify what was holding me back and allowed me to understand my personality and the type of work I felt most happy doing,’ assures Vivienne.

‘Once I understood my previous work as a Health Practitioner was draining my energy, I felt more confident about changing my business.’

Catie’s one-week Mindset Mastery course also ‘addressed how my past affected what I thought and did,’ adds Vivienne. ‘I discovered what my values are too, and knowing these has helped me understand why developing my own range of natural skin care products, based on my research, is so important to me.’

All Native And Natural

A year on Vivienne has launched Native Natural Skincare. ‘I’m confident, entrepreneurial, self-directed and aligned with what I want to do. I also network with like-minded people in Darwin. Once a month I attend my ART Your Life For Life group and realized after all these years I have all the knowledge and resources in me, and Catie and her team will always be there to support me.’

Vivienne can now dream.


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