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Miss A.R.T Programs


Miss A.R.T – More Than Okay (30/09/2020 – 02/10/2020)

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Read more about the Miss A.R.T School Holiday Program. Download here

Innovative Program for Teenage Girls

Being a teen can be really tough. You’re under pressure from your family, your teachers, your friends, social media and your own expectations.

You feel like you have to be perfect and have the perfect body and the perfect life. You want to fit in and feel like you’re good enough. You wish you knew what your future held and what your purpose is.

Miss A.R.T is not about painting nor craft the ‘Miss’ stands for YOU and the A.R.T stands for Activate, Reshape and Transform.
Miss ART is a program for girls aged 13-18 that shows you how to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONFIDENT.

It is an innovative, fun and empowering program that gives you leadership and life skills that you don’t learn in school. Miss A.R.T focuses on you being HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONFIDENT.

Northern Territory Program

School Holiday Miss A.R.T Program.  Read more


Be and feel happy, healthy and confident. Read more


We all want our teens to be happy, healthy and confident. BUT …. we currently have an epidemic of young women who are just not coping with the teenage years. Read more

The Miss A.R.T. Report contains detailed findings into the depth and breadth of the impact the program has on young women aged 13 to 18 years and the broader community. Click on the button to download your copy. 


The program content and activities include:

  • Foundations of Success – get clear and know what you want and how to make it happen.
  • The Mechanics of Your Mind – understand your beautiful brain AND your feelings and emotions.
  • Positive Thinking – change the negative voice inside your head and develop a self-belief mindset and be your own best friend.
  • Healthy Habits and Body Love – say no to dieting and food confusion and have a positive body image and esteem.
  • Social Media Savvy – learn mobile, email and social media etiquette and safety.
  • Personal Power – be empowered by knowing how to keep yourself safe, say no, set boundaries and resolve conflict.
  • Personal Presentation – learn how to take care of your skin and style your hair.
  • Build Better Relationships – friends, family and you.
  • Calm and Confident – stress less by learning how to be mindful and how to meditate.

For more information or to register your interest, call 0411 383 761 or send an enquiry.


MISS A·R·T (Activate, Reshape and Transform) is specifically designed to strengthen self-esteem and resilience, build confidence and a self-belief mindset. It also develops leadership skills and cultivates capacity to contribute to society and the lives of others. The program provides the knowledge, tools and skills for a happy, healthy and confident future.

The program is based upon the successful ‘A·R·T Your Life’ seven-week signature program designed for women to help them love themselves, their bodies and their lives. Nearly every woman who has participated in the ‘adults’ program has said “I wish I’d have gained this knowledge and skills when I was a teenager”.

Far too many young women have low self-confidence and a negative perception of themselves and their lives.

Miss A.R.T has now helped hundreds of young women to:

  • Understand themselves and their feelings
  • Feel calm, balanced and in control and effectively manage stress and life’s ups and downs
  • Have body confidence and love their reflection in the mirror 
  • Have a positive inner voice and be their own best friend
  • Believe in themselves and thrive with a growth mindset
  • Love food for food and fitness for fun and ditch diet obsession
  • Look after their skin and hair
  • Take responsibility and be resilient and persistent
  • Stay safe, resolve conflict, set boundaries, say no and have personal presence
  • Let go of negative experiences such as bullying and bust ups
  • Improve relationships with peers, family and friendship groups
  • Understand the importance of mental fitness and emotional wellbeing and how to nurture them
  • Design a purposeful and exciting future and be the hero of their own journey.

Far too many teens in Australia are struggling with their mental health. Miss ART believes that the mental fitness, emotional wellbeing and the positive energy of our next generation is crucial. We also believe that prevention is far better than cure and that ALL young women should participate in Miss ART to help them learn how to develop and maintain their health, happiness and confidence for life.

The most recent group of 152 Miss A.R.T participants, aged between 13 – 18 years reported:

  • Increase in health 42%
  • Increase in happiness 52%
  • Increase in confidence 63%

If you would like to download a copy of the full report containing detailed findings into the depth and breadth of the impact the program has on young women aged 13 – 18 years and the broader community please click here

Feeling confident, good about yourself, optimistic and having a positive body image are essential building blocks for having resilience and a high self-esteem. Girls with low self-esteem are at high risk of engaging in negative activities such as cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, experimenting with drugs, promiscuity or disordered eating.

  • Nearly one in five girls aged 16 to 17 are suffering from depression
  • Bullying is rife and girls who are victims in their school years are more likely to remain victims to life as they get older
  • A quarter of our girls deliberately injure themselves
  • Over half withdraw from life-engaging activities because of their appearance
  • Almost 70% of 15 year old girls are on a diet and eating disorders represent the third most common chronic illness for young women
  • Young people see mental health as a more important issue than the environment, education and employment.

For enquiries please call 0411 383 761 or send us an email.


Before Miss A.R.T. I was feeling down, unimportant, lazy and taken for granted. I now feel uplifted, grateful, happier, empowered and appreciated. I also now truly appreciate myself, all the wonderful things in my life and my true power as an individual.

Miss A.R.T. Graduate

Before Miss A.R.T I was feeling awful and lost, I had no clue where my life was headed and thought everything was so bad, I couldn’t grasp the positives in my life. I am now feeling amazing and I now appreciate my beautiful life so much! Everything I do now, I do for me and not based on others and I feel beautiful.

Miss A.R.T. Graduate