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Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

Transformed their lives from the inside out

Christine, Heather, Micaela, Jo, Terri, Debra, Jennifer reveal what changed for them once they gained the tools and mindset strategies to transform their lives from the inside out and when they learnt how to to truly, madly, deeply love and value themselves.


Improved her career and increased her earning capacity …

“In my career, I’ve increased my earning capacity. I have a career that is based on dealing with clients individually and the feedback and the satisfaction from clients. Now I’ve recognized and adjusted my approach to suit them as individuals through my experience with ART Your Life and my work day is so exciting because now I have the skills and I’m meeting my customers’ desires and it’s an amazing result. Fantastic!” 

Tammy Thornley

Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

Still learning about herself after the program … 

“It’s just so amazing. It’s so hard to explain really what it does for you. It’s just such an intense – ART Your Life is just so intense that it just – you’re totally focused on yourself which is a marvelous thing. And even after the program – you’re always going to be learning about yourself. This is not just something that you do for seven weeks and bang, that’s it. You’re cut off. You’re on your own. You will learn so much about yourself through love and your own growth and contribution to yourself.”

Carmel Gynell

Powerful and moving story

Beautiful Carol Rigter has kindly shared her powerful and moving story to help inspire other women to take action to love themselves their bodies and their lives, and to understand how beliefs can undermine the very core of you.


More confidence and courage, reduced stress

Brooke has more confidence, more courage and is more confident in her decisions. She is now working in her business full time and her stress levels have reduced dramatically. She’s having fun and loving what she does instead of living in fear! Her relationships have improved and strengthened.



A wonderful role model for her children … 

“I now have the tools to express myself and now have more open, honest and effective communication. I choose to surround myself with more happy, positive and like-minded people. I am now an awesome role model for my children, which is something I feel really proud about! I am very mindful that “what walks in the mother runs in the child,” and I desire to share my learnings with my children every day. When I look in the mirror, the person I now see is AWESOME and she rocks her world!! I am becoming the change I want to see in the world.”

Sheree Russell

Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

Back In Control … 

“Since I completed this program, my thought patterns have changed. I now feel like I have a way of solving my problems instead of wallowing in them for too long, which is definitely what I used to do. The most amazing change in me has been as though my unconscious mind has woken up and connected with me and now I have control over it, whereas before, I felt like it controlled me. I really feel I understand myself better now, I feel confident in my decisions. Everything that I’ve learned has been priceless.”

Sam Ackroyd

Now free of procrastination, criticism … and white wine

Terri did the ART Your Life Intensive in 2011 and here she is 3 years later to talk about her life since then. Terri had a love affair with white wine which she has not had in 3 years after learning a secret mindset trick during one of our workshops. Terri no longer procrastinates and gets on with life. She’s a lot calmer and loves nurturing and taking care of herself and she now values and adores who she is – inside and out.


From hating her looks to loving herself

Heather shares her story of how she has gone from feeling a lot of negativity about herself, and really disliking what she looked like and who she was – to now valuing herself, feeling more confident and comfortable, and appreciating herself a lot more. “It has improved my home life, my relationship, my teaching, so it’s improved different areas of my life that I’ll be grateful for forever.” Heather is a teacher and is using ART Your Life tools in her classroom and is receiving amazing, positive feedback from students and parents.


Her relationship is back in the honeymoon phase … 

“One area of my life that has been transformed amazingly by the ART Your Life Program is my relationship with my boyfriend. We’re now communicating better than ever and are happier than ever. The ART Your Life course, being with other great, powerful, inspiring women has not only made me some great friends but has shown what great role models there are out there. I can aspire to be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do. I would definitely recommend this course to any woman wanting to stand up and make a difference in their life.”

Tuesday Turner

Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

Physically and emotionally fit … 

“I joined the program with a major focus around health, physical well-being and fitness but that emerged as perhaps a third of what I actually got out of the program at the end. And as it progressed, I realized that what I was getting out of it in terms of my internal self and emotional well-being was far greater. I’ve had some fairly stressful things happen in my life in the last few months and if those same things have happened a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to cope, but now I have the tools to control how I react – that’s a really significant shift.”

Terri Hart

Experienced a miracle

Stephanie shares how her heart was broken, her confidence was shattered, and how she kept up a facade pretending to the outside world that her life was great. Steph has been so raw and shared so deeply in this short video and it is a privilege for all of us to hear how openly Steph talks about her pain and how she experienced a miracle.


Finally facing her past

Catie chats with Micaela about her experience of the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive. Micaela felt her life was upside down, she now has more clarity and confidence, her relationships have improved and she is green and growing!


Great start at a young age … 

“ART Your Life has given me lots of confidence. I feel so much happier in myself and I know what I can and can’t do, and there’s not a whole lot I can’t do now. I would suggest the course to anyone that really wants to make a change in their life and doesn’t know how to get it started. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone of any age and I want to say thank you to everyone, it has been a really fantastic opportunity and it’s great to see that they are putting so much energy into doing it for the younger people. So thank you so much.”

Emily Sharp

From sexless back to intimacy

Before ART Your Life, life was busy and Jo had no time for her relationship. During the intensive, Jo had big realisations about her relationship and it is now blossoming! Congratulations Jo.


From darkness to light

Christine Heness shares her story about the ART Your Life Intensive. Christine feels that ART Your Life is caring, supportive and positive. Her confidence in herself and who she is has grown, she feels she can be herself and share who she is.



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