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Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

If it’s time for you to stop existing and start LIVING, our coaching and personal breakthrough packages will help you move beyond limited thinking to create the version of you and your life that you’ve always dreamed of.

We all have fears and limiting beliefs, but if we allow them to take a strong enough hold, they can restrict our happiness and prevent us from living life to the fullest.

These fears and beliefs often manifest in the form of un-resourceful thoughts or habits, such as procrastination, low self-esteem or self-sabotage, blocking us from reaching our full potential and causing a lot of heartache along the way.

A.R.T. Your Life personal coaching is the most effective way to address these fears and beliefs, in a safe, supportive environment where new, more helpful strategies are explored and can be put into practice. Our personal coaching will enable you to create more fulfilment, happiness and purpose for you and your life.

Due to popular demand, we now have coaching and personal breakthrough packages available, even if you have not completed the A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week Intensive!

This is an incredible opportunity to experience coaching with Australia’s top coaches who, between them, have thousands of hours of coaching experience. Our coaching is delivered via structured Personal Coaching Sessions or you may choose to join us for an intensive 1 Day Personal Breakthrough Session.

Personal coaching is one of the smartest investments you can make in your future, as you’ll get perspective on your current challenges, discover who you REALLY are and what’s important to you, and best of all… you’ll finally get the keys to unlock your own happiness!  It is the ultimate gift to give yourself or those in your life that you love.


A.R.T. Your Life Personal Coaching Packages

Jo&CatieOur Personal Coaching packages include one on one transformational coaching sessions with one of our expert coaches, specifically selected for you and your needs.  We use the most advanced profiling tools and coaching strategies to delve deep beneath the surface and discover what you truly need. We help you to stay accountable to your promises to you and will champion you every step of the way…and yep we will give you a kick in the butt if you need it as we believe in you and what you want and desire – completely!

The A.R.T. Your Life private coaching package may include: 

  • Personalised transformation coaching sessions.
  • Behavioural Analysis Report – you’ll receive a 16  page report revealing your behavioural style, giving you an immediate ‘A-HA’ insight into who you really are – this is a lifelong resource you will keep for future reference.
  • Behavioural Profile ‘Unpack’ session – A life-changing one-on-one session giving you context and guidance for your specific situation.  You will finally understand what drives you and you will discover how to strategically use this information to motivate yourself, and others, and how to create the results you want.
  • Accountability calls, workbooks and mentoring.

For investment and package details, please call us on 0411 383 761 or email sparkle@artyourlife.com.au.


The A.R.T. Your Life Personal Breakthrough

A Personal Breakthrough is a unique and powerful personal development and growth session just for you.  It is a full day of reframing your mind, beliefs and clearing old crap…out with the old in with the new.

Master Coach, Jo Osborne will give you all of the tools and insights you need to create and facilitate in-depth transformation.  These packages are highly personalized, extremely powerful and you will see incredible, permanent changes in your life.

The Personal Breakthrough is all about reframing the brain or rewiring the brain. We create a beautiful, clean canvas so you go forward and design your life into your very own masterpiece.

The aim of your Personal Breakthrough is ‘renew yourself’ into the person you want to be without the negative emotions, or self-limiting beliefs you may have previously held.

During your Personal Breakthrough we’ll focus on areas of your life such as:

  • Family relationships and the relationship you have with yourself
  • Your finances and discovering why you overspend, have too much debt or always have an empty bank account
  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed and discovering your ideal career path
  • the core reasons why you feel like a failure or that you have let go of your dreams

Not only will this area of your life be completely transformed you will also be empowered to feel wholeness, centeredness, self- acceptance, self-belief, confidence, clarity of thought and direction and purpose in life. You’ll have within you, all of the resources and mindset strategies to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, feel and do in your life.

For investment and package details, please call us on 0411 383 761 or email sparkle@artyourlife.com.au.