Do you have a list of goals and big dreams that you are yet to achieve?  Is this finally the year that you’ll feel happier, stronger, fitter and sexier than ever before?

Many of us start the year by setting powerful New Year’s resolutions to with the best of intentions to create change – lose weight, exercise more, save money, change careers – yet over 92% of these resolutions fail.

Why is this so? A couple of weeks into the new year, what happens to that motivation and positive intention we started the year with? I believe that the secret to creating lasting change is to change the relationship we have with ourselves first.  Personal growth and transformation is really about getting clear on YOU and what it is you really want out of life and then taking action accordingly…. everyday.

Our relationship with self is the most important relationship of all. Investing externally without investing internally can lead to a deficit.  Often the green and growing journey of personal growth involves breaking down old and limiting beliefs, personal boundaries and baggage, to create a new way and empowering way of thinking.

Resolutions on their own are not enough. When we say goodbye to procrastination and get rid of feelings of self-doubt once and for all, then problems become possibilities, and you see and feel your true potential to live life to the fullest with energy, happiness gratitude – inside and out!