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Originally Published in Resident Magazine, June 2017 Issue

The teenage years are a turbulent time. Catie Kirke’s innovative and successful Miss A.R.T. (Activate, Reshape and Transform), program for girls aged 13-19 empowers young women. It strengthens self-awareness, builds confidence and cultivates a mindset of self-belief to be happy, healthy and confident for life.


Milly has seen a remarkable positive change following Miss A.R.T. ‘Before Miss A.R.T. I was really self-conscious; I had body image issues where I was constantly comparing myself to my petite friends,’ says Milly. ‘Miss A.R.T. helped me realise I wasn’t being myself, I was trying to be someone else and that my body shape is perfect for me. People noticed a big change in me after Miss A.R.T., I am now bubbly, loud and confident. It has been the best experience I’ve ever had, being in a group of girls that are so supportive.

Catie is so inspiring and passionate she helps us learn how to become more happy and comfortable in our own skin. Any girl could benefit from doing Miss A.R.T regardless of whether they have issues. Before Miss A.R.T. I was depressed and suicidal and now I wouldn’t consider going back to that. Life is good and even when bad situations arise I now have the strength to choose another path.’ 


Jacklin was going through a tough time with family issues before Miss A.R.T. ‘I was really upset all the time, I didn’t have a positive mindset,’ says Jacklin. ‘Like most people I felt like I was the only one feeling like this, I felt like I was alone and no one understood me. The first day of Miss A.R.T. was initially scary, not knowing anyone else there, but talking about our issues really helped me and made me realise I’m not the only one going through this. Catie’s metaphor of “driving your own bus” is really effective for changing your mindset, whenever I start thinking negative thoughts I tell myself to change the radio station and it works – Miss A.R.T. has given me control over my own mind! I would recommend Miss A.R.T to everyone, it helped me through a really hard time.’


Shiloh discovered the power of positivity when she embarked on the Miss A.R.T. program. ‘Your mind will do whatever it can to believe it’s right, so by delivering positive messages your brain will reinforce that positivity,’ says Shiloh. ‘We learned so many other components as well such as personal power, communication, heart space and
an attitude of gratitude. These tools have helped me not only deal with my own issues but also lift other people around me to become part of the chain of positivity. The best way to find out how amazing Miss A.R.T. is to experience the program for yourself!’


After completing the Miss A.R.T. program in 2015, Maddy now shares her experiences with and mentors other teenagers through the program. ‘Mum and Dad were going through a divorce at the time and I wasn’t coping very well with it,’ says Maddy. I only recognised after Miss A.R.T. that I had been experiencing anxiety and depression and that Catie helped me through it without me even realising it.

It had a lot to do with my attitude to life and how I presented myself, covering myself up, hiding from life. Miss A.R.T. strengthened me as a person. Positivity of the mind and body is one of the key benefits I got from Miss A.R.T.’ Maddy is now Vice-Captain at Taminmin High School completing Year 12 in addition to her role with Miss A.R.T. ‘Miss A.R.T. has given me the confidence to stand up and speak in front of a group of people. Being confident to share my story helps me to connect with the Miss A.R.T. participants, they can see that I can relate to the experiences they are going through. I think it helps to have someone their own age there, some of them even forget that I’m there as a presenter not a participant!’ ‘Being a teenager these days is difficult, I do hope that some day everyone gets the chance to do this program. It’s so important to empower young women.’

To discover the benefits of Miss A.R.T. visit www.artyourlife.com.au/missart call Catie on 0411 383 761 or email sparkle@yourlife.com.au