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do or dont

It’s all about the DO or DON’T

The more you focus on what you don’t want in life – such as don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t do that old habit – the more you are actually going to keep doing it because your beautiful unconscious mind literally doesn’t hear the word don’t, all it hears is stress, worry, do the old habit.

Our unconscious mind is very, very obedient and it will go and do whatever you tell it to do.

So for example, if I were to say to my daughter, “Don’t forget your lunchbox”, I have actually just commanded her unconscious mind to forget her lunchbox.

So to flip this around, I would say, “Honey, remember your lunchbox.”

It’s the same as when you are languaging things to yourself – focus on what it is you DO want and literally delete the “don’t”.

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