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It Was Nice to Recognise the Start of Spring.

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Article Written and Published by NT Style Wedding Magazine, June 2014

Tanya Burt doesn’t need a man.

Strong, successful and independent the 31 year old can manage anything on her own.

Just because she can, doesn’t mean she should. And that realisation has helped Tanya take her relationship with Andy to the next level.

Tanya said “Learning about the masculine and feminine roles within a relationship was a real eye=-opener during the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive/

“I wanted my man to be a man but I wasn’t allowing that to happen because I was playing that masculine role. I am a modern, intelligent woman and I’ve always felt like I don’t need a man – like I should be able to do anything and everything for myself. I associated being feminine with being weak. Since ART Your Life, I have worked on nurturing my feminine side.”

Tanya started simply. She committed to jewellery.

“I started wearing earrings every day. It seemed so insignificant but that symbolised femininity. It was also about looking after myself and learning to love myself.”

The knock on effect followed.

As the love and respect she had for herself improved, so did her attitude towards Andy.

Tanya said “I am feeling better about myself and that has influenced so many aspects of my life. Andy and I had just come out of a very dark winder and it was nice to recognise the start of spring and enjoy each other again. I stopped arguing with him. I recognised his needs and wants and asked myself how I could help him. That’s what love is about.”

Tanya and Andrew are now moving into summer, a time of comfort and routine. Autumn will follow and Tanya is excited about the prospect of growth.

And then – again – winter. But Tanya’s got it covered.

“I know how to get past winter and I know it serves a purpose,” she said. “I am absolutely prepared for winter now.”

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