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Tania Corkill in Resident MagazineArticle written and published by Resident Magazine, June 2014

Tania Corkill’s life has re-started. About a year ago she wanted it to end. For two months with limited internal support Tania endured an unrelenting challenge at work. One day she simply couldn’t continue and went home. “I thought I’d failed, felt embarrassed for not coping and questioned my ability within my profession, even as a wife and mother”, Tania reflects. The same day she saw a GP who suggested “taking time off”. She did, then returned to work for a day in a different position but was overwhelmed with anxiety.

Tania’s husband, Scott, was convinced his wife deserved a second opinion and Dr Kara Britz then diagnosed her with depression and post-traumatic stress. “I withdrew from family and friends and spent six months in my bedroom only leaving the house for medical appointments”. Scott attended every session watching his wife consumed by grief “feeling helpless” but remaining by her side, even when she questioned why he stayed as her mind submerged into hopelessness.

“I had pills in one hand and my daughter walked past from the lounge room. She didn’t see me but seeing her stopped me from ending my life.” 

“ART Your Life found me”, beams Tania. “I saw an ad on TV and I knew what I had to do to get my life back”. On day two came Tania’s breakthrough. “Catie explained everything we’re labelled are choices and we can peel those labels off”. The belief that “what you focus on is what you get also played a pivotal role. When I focused on depression and anxiety that’s what I got. When I focused on changes I desired, that’s what manifested”.

Tania also understands the work incident was “feedback not failure” and is now using the experience to achieve her goals. She writes her beliefs, reads them daily and doesn’t question them anymore, and learnt how to erode negative self-talk. Tania also values gratitude and her words to Catie and Dr Britz are sobering. “Thank you for saving my life’.

“I love myself, my body and my life”, Tania says with conviction and won’t be returning to her former workplace. “We’ve bought a caravan and our family is going to travel around Australia’, the perfect platform for this radiant mother of two to assure women and girls across the country there’s always a way forward.

Article by Peta Burton, Resident Magazine, June 2014


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