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happy alone

The key to being in a content and committed relationship is figuring out firstly, how to be happy alone.

It’s not uncommon for women to resent their personality and quirks, or question their own self-worth after their search for a life partner shifts from months to years. Often, women who are actively searching for a companion without success can fall in to the trap of blaming themselves for past relationship disasters, and subsequently attracting “someone who isn’t good enough” as a result of not feeling loveable.

Many women who have been heartbroken in the past struggle with trust; trust within themselves and within potential partners. When they ask themselves, ‘why am I still single’, they either tend to question their own judgement when it comes to choosing a mate, or blame themselves for not being a good fit.

Women who are flying solo can understand how to be happy alone by valuing their time for growth and learning, nurturing other relationships and friendships and getting involved in community based activities to make connections with like-minded people.

Socialising is important for single people, especially if they’re living by themselves. Often friends and family assume that they’re off being busy and enjoying the single life, but little do they know that most nights are spent home alone.

If you find yourself in this situation be sure to remind people that you’re free, and would love to accept invitations, and remind your married friends that while you love to chat over a wine and a coffee, you also love to socialise in environments where there are a range of new faces to meet and get to know.

… and if you’re still feeling lonely, get a furry friend. It’s so wonderful to come home to something that loves you. You feel loved, and it’s also great for self-esteem to nurture and care for a pet.