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When people ask me how I manage to do and achieve so much personally and professionally in any given day, my answer is always the same – I mindfully manipulate myself. It is an empowering ritual I use to observe and lead myself and it has helped me turn my life around. I have gone from numbly existing to passionately living and from being my own worst enemy to becoming my own best friend.

I mindfully manipulate myself strategically and sometimes quite unscrupulously. As tough as this may sound, I call it “tough love”. It always comes from a place sourced from keen self-awareness and kindness. This ritual is the key to how I have built one of Australia’s most successful and highly regarded personal coaching businesses, and how I am manifesting a life I love.


Today an extra special book was launched on Amazon – Manifesting in (High) Heels – Secret Rituals to Achieve Success. I feel very proud to share that I authored Chapter 2 of this book and that it is a collaboration of 29 amazing women who “walk their talk” by manifesting their dreams in their daily practices.

Each of us, from around the globe, contributed a chapter describing our special “secret” routines for manifesting in our own life.  Our collective mission was to bring you one of the most complete, honest and authentic sources of information to help you manifest the things YOU long for in your life.

The principles of creating your own “luck” have been adopted – and documented – by many people. The great thing is that “success” (whatever that means for you) is not about special or advantaged education. Nor is it wealth, fancy machines or magic spells. What you need is already inside you. It is your personal power that yes can be called upon at any time – on command. All you really need is your mind, your heart, and your body. Manifesting in (High) Heels – Secret Rituals to Achieve Success shows you how.  Click here to see!

Each contributor to this book shares her own experience with this amazing power. We will explain to you what we did and how we did it. Each of our personal accounts is intended to contribute to your ability to manifest your own dreams and goals. You can model the “secrets” that appeal to you and modify them as needed to attain your success. It’s waiting there in Manifesting in (High) Heels – Secret Rituals to Achieve Success. Take a look now!

Why don’t you also check out our website at www.manifestinginhighheels.com? It has all the stories and insights to get you started manifesting now!

Happy Reading and Happy Manifesting!

Catie Kirke Manifesting in (High) Heels