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Confidence to be you

Love yourself.

Does this title make you cringe?

If so, it’s a sign you need to change your thinking.

Loving yourself isn’t about being full of yourself and it’s not about being self-centered.

Loving yourself is accepting your strengths and weaknesses and knowing that you and your uniqueness are precious gifts.

Loving yourself is also about appreciating and valuing your imperfections. When you love yourself, your focus turns outward and you stop worrying about whether you are or you are not doing “the right thing”, or whether you are pleasing “the right people”.

It’s about trusting yourself and having confidence to be you, the real authentic you and that’s about putting yourself first.

Your needs are as important as anyone else’s, and really they are even more important because if you think about it, it’s you will that you live your life with each and every day.

So put people pleasing aside and self-love first.

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