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Our masculine and feminine energy has a huge impact on how we are in a relationship.

The balance of this energy is like a magnet – we attract the opposite of what we are.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have both masculine and feminine energy within you – a little like yin and yang, right and left, yes and no, black and white, sunshine and rain. If you have an over-abundance of one and a scarcity of the other it creates an imbalance.

This can be toxic and will have a negative impact on your relationships and, therefore, your life.

When your own masculine and feminine energy is in sync and your partners is also – then your relationship has the basis to be very healthy and happy.

Masculine energy manifests as strength, problem solving, being objective, leadership, decisiveness and being focussed. Too much masculine energy results in being aggressive and intimidating, having barriers up, being a hard-arse and, all too often, rejecting love.

Feminine energy manifests as intuition, wisdom, being compassionate, being a nurturer, networker and peacemaker. Too much feminine energy can result in being a people pleaser, a door mat and being needy for love and attention.

Given opposites attract, it is important to check in with your energy. If you have balls – aka too much masculine energy – your partner or prospective partner will balance this out by having a whole lot of feminine energy.

It is interesting to note that many women these days can be heard saying “I just wish he had balls” or “I wish I could find a man who is a REAL man”. The dynamic here is that maybe she has so much masculine energy there isn’t room for any more!

So, have a think about your energy – is it balanced? Is your partner’s balanced or if you are single have a think about the types of partners you attract or don’t attract.