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jacobOriginally Published in Resident Magazine, Nov-May 2016 Issue

Jacob Skewes enjoys putting in a hard day’s work.

He’s one of four brothers committed to growing the family earthmoving business. ‘I always wanted to work with Dad,’ assures the Head of Construction. ‘We have autonomy yet operate as a team even though we occasionally step on each other’s territory,’ chuckles Jacob. ‘However, despite the company’s growth I was missing the reward. We’d accomplish one thing and then move on to the next and I felt myself becoming dissatisfied and abrupt. ‘I also realised if I didn’t have a vision I couldn’t expect results from my staff.’

Jacob found his answers at Catie Kirke’s Six-Day Mindset Mastery Program. ‘I wanted to learn more about me and I did, including how the mind operates. I became aware of what I’ve overlooked in my personal and professional life and how to be more effective in both. Now, I apply myself differently with a positive attitude, without doubt, and I’ve learned that respect goes both ways. I’ve always thought reward was about money, as us blokes tend to do, but it’s more than that. For me, it’s having a family and giving back to the community as well as building Dad’s company; this is what’s going to give me the success I’ve wanted.’