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Ready to learn how to love yourself, your body and your life?

What is A.R.T. Your Life?

A.R.T. Your Life is the revolutionary new 7 week intensive from Catie Kirke that combines fitness, personal coaching, nutrition and mindset strategies to create a brand new you – from the inside out!  The unique content and high-impact structure of A.R.T. Your Life creates dramatic, life-changing results for women of all ages and backgrounds.  A.R.T. Your Life is all about discovering a new way of life that you love!

What does it mean to A.R.T. Your Life?

‘A.R.T.’ is the acronym that Catie Kirke created to convey her signature A.R.T. Your Life Intensive in a fun and memorable way. Catie believes that life is like a canvas; it’s ours to paint and design in any way we choose. When you A.R.T. Your Life, you create your very own masterpiece!

A.R.T stands for Activate, Reshape and Transform – the process that we take you through in A.R.T. Your Life to create powerful and permanent change in your life. A.R.T. Your Life is about reclaiming your inner power and getting the keys to Activate, Reshape, and Transform your life from the inside out!

Does the A.R.T. Your Life Intensive really work?

Yes, Yes, YES! The A.R.T. Your Life Intensive is absolutely life-changing. The results that our previous participants have achieved are truly mind-blowing.  A.R.T. Your Life is all about creating your very own MASTERPIECE, so we know that you will really enjoy the workshops and webinars, and you’ll also love ‘playing’ in your A.R.T. Playbook written by Catie Kirke and your very own A.R.T. Canvas.

Where is the face to face A.R.T. Your Life Intensive held?

The face to face A.R.T. Your Life Intensive is held in Darwin, Melbourne and Online.  

How do I register my interest in the next program?

To find out when the next program is kicking off, please contact us on on 0411 383 761 or send us an email at sparkle@artyourlife.com.au


Can I do the A.R.T. Your Life Intensive if I do not live in Darwin or Melbourne?

Absolutely! Our online intensive can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s global!

How experienced are the A.R.T. Your Life Coaches?

The creator of the program, Catie Kirke, has over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and she attracts the best of the best to join her team. Catie is a transformational life coach and trained Australia’s top Coaching Institute. She is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Extended Disc Personality Profile Specialist, Values Pendulum Practitioner and NLP Trainer. Catie is an awarded Telstra Business Woman, and was also named NT’s Fitness Leader of the Year – twice!

Our Master Coach, Jo Osborne is a qualified life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Extended Disc Behavioural Profile Specialist. She has over 2000 hours of coaching experience behind her and is in hot demand all over Australia for her 1 Day Personal Breakthrough. Jo is an exceptional world-class coach and an integral member of the A.R.T. team who was instrumental in the creation of the A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week Intensive.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Undertaking an intensive life coaching program such as A.R.T. Your Life is one of the smartest investments you can make in your future. It will give you perspective on your current challenges, help you discover who you REALLY are and what’s important to you, and best of all… you’ll finally get the keys to unlock your own happiness!

How is coaching done if I do not see the coach face to face?

Coaching is done over the phone or via Skype so you can relax and enjoy being in the comfort of your own home. Your personal coaching sessions will run for approximately 1 hour and are arranged at a time to suit you during the 7 week period of the program.

How long do the personal coaching sessions last and how many are there?

Each session goes for about an hour. Some are a little longer and some are a little shorter. Your personal coaching sessions are arranged at a time to suit you during the 7 week period of the program. 

Where does NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) fit in?

The incorporation of NLP in coaching helps to accelerate positive shifts in behaviour and attitudes. NLP works with the conscious and unconscious mind, training or ‘re-wiring’ our brains to adopt more constructive thought patterns, beliefs and habits. It can also assist in modifying the meanings we’ve placed on events in our lives that no longer serve us. This can have a huge impact on how we perceive future events and the choices we make to shape our personal world.

How much support do I receive along the way?

During your intensive you’ll have access to live workshops or weekly modules if you’re doing the program online plus recordings of live webinars and workshops plus some special bonuses. Yes we do love surprises! 

Your Facebook group is also for support, encouragement, connection, questions, the sharing of insights and truckloads of accountability.

You’re never alone in A.R.T. Your Life and you’ll be part of the A.R.T. community for life. The A.R.T. Team will also support you and ensure that you have everything you need to complete the program including emails, workbooks and module content.

Can I start A.R.T. Your Life at any-time or do I have to start on a particular date?

Each program starts on a set date and we complete the 7 weeks together as a team. You’ll need to register for the next program before the kick-off date.  We also offer Online and Private Immersion options that can be done at anytime.

What’s expected of me in the 7 Week Intensive?

Our mission is to help women across Australia, and the world, to learn to love their bodies, themselves, and their lives. We know that what you will achieve during our 7 Week Intensive is only the BEGINNING of what becomes possible for all who have experienced A.R.T. Your Life. This is why we do what we do. And it’s why we believe in our A.R.T. Your Life Intensive so much. We love helping women – women just like you – to SHINE.

When you join A.R.T. Your Life you can expect …

  • To be streeeeeetched inside and out
  • To sometimes feel challenged
  • My team to task you and help hold you accountable
  • Support and motivation by the truckload
  • To love feeling empowered
  • Us to be authentic, open and real every step of the way
  • To have A.R.T.ing muscles…
  • To connect with like-minded women

Our guarantee is that we will give you the tools to create a life you love. We’ll hold your hand, embrace your heA.R.T., have your back and walk beside you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you know you need, want and deserve.

What if I am not on Facebook?

We can assist you to get a Facebook account. Many of our A.R.T.ers have joined Facebook and are only connected to our private group so it’s almost like not really being on Facebook :).

How much should I exercise to get results?

Whilst exercise is an important component of our program and the DVDs and Workout Manual will help keep you on track, it is important of course to have medical advice before starting any exercise program and to start at a level perfect for you. You will gradually increase your workouts, your enjoyment and your results if you follow the program and take care with your technique as shown by Catie in the DVDs. She also gives you lots of guidance and ideas for fitting movement into your day.

Is there an age limit for A.R.T. Your Life?

We encourage all women over the age of 18 to join A.R.T. Your Life and make their lives even more amazing. For the record, we’ve had a participant in A.R.T. Your Life who was 71. Change is always possible regardless of your age!

Is A.R.T. Your Life only for women?

Yes, however we do have coaching packages that are available for men. We have also had many mothers do the program together with their daughters – a very special and bonding experience for both!

Can teenage girls do A.R.T. Your Life?

Not until they are 18. We have a Miss A.R.T. program specifically for teenage girls. Miss A.R.T. (Activate, Reshape and Transform) is an innovative program for teenage girls that strengthens their self-esteem, builds confidence, develops leadership potential and cultivates a mindset of self-belief. It gives them the knowledge, tools and skills for a happy, healthy and confident future.

What is the Miss A.R.T Program?

The free Miss A.R.T. Program helps young women to build their confidence, find their voice and embrace their potential. 

Miss A.R.T. is funded by other A.R.T. Your Life programs, which means every young woman’s seat is free. In return, each Miss A.R.T. participant contributes two hours a week to a cause or charity.

The content of Miss A.R.T. is based upon my A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week signature program that was designed especially for women to help them love themselves, their bodies and their lives.

Without fail every one of the women who has done my program said ‘I wish had learnt this when I was a teenager’ and so, Miss A.R.T. was born. And yes it’s for FREE!

It has now helped hundreds of young women to:

  • Understand themselves and their feelings
  • Feel calm and happy and effectively manage stress
  • Have body confidence and create healthy habits for life
  • Believe in themselves and be their own best friend
  • Love food for food and get rid of diet-guilt and diet-rules
  • Take responsibility and be resilient
  • Stay safe, resolve conflict and have boundaries and personal presence
  • Overcome negative experiences such as bullying, breakups or friend and  family issues
  • Improve relationships
  • Design a purposeful and exciting future
Do you offer payment plans?

We do offer an easy 6 month payment plan with an up-front deposit plan, however, you’ll save money by paying for the intensive in full.  We can also accommodate flexible payment terms for mothers & daughters who join the program together.

Can I talk to someone to find out more about the A.R.T. Your Life Intensive?

Absolutely. Get in touch with Catie or Jo for a chat on 0411 383 761 or send an email with all of your questions to sparkle@artyourlife.com.au