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Originally Published in Resident Magazine, Nov-May 2016 Issue

stephanie testimonialStephanie Brown has been through hell: Cyclone Tracy, drugs, alcohol, the death of her sister and father then a partner who left her for another woman.

‘You can’t fight someone who says they’ve been in love with someone else all their life but I was devastated,’ admits Stephanie. ‘I thought we had a great life together. I don’t regret one minute even though his decision caused me horrendous grief for months.’

A friend had recently mentioned ART Your Life to Stephanie, who somehow found herself front row at Catie Kirke’s Seven Week Intensive Program information session.

‘I felt sick and disconnected but everything Catie said resonated and doing her programs, more than a year ago now, allowed me to learn about me, self-worth, to listen, to know I have a voice and I am my own safe place, and all of these tools enable me to breathe and not open a bottle of red,’ the talented textile artist continues openly.

‘Now, I’m excited about waking up; there’s colour in my life and it’s fantastic. I’m learning, growing and volunteering with ART your life, watching other women discover these “aha” moments. It’s my contribution, my thank you and I want them all to have what I achieved – a life I’m grateful to live.’