“Seriously. Don’t eat it. Don’t even think about it. And definitely do not eat any of the Tim Tams you have hidden away in the cupboard ‘just in case’ someone drops in for a coffee! You can’t have it. It’s bad for you. It makes you fat. Don’t eat it, don’t eat it, don’t eat it.”

Do you start a new diet every couple of weeks with a big list of the foods you are not allowed to eat?

I know from experience there’s usually a conversation that goes on inside whenever we start a new diet and it probably sounds a little bit like this …

Day 1: I’m starting a new diet today. I’m not eating any chocolate for the next 2 weeks. I’m going cold turkey and chocolate is now on my list of BAD foods.

Day 2: Woohooo, Day 2 of my new diet. I’m feeling great. Not even thinking about chocolate – don’t miss it. I can live without it.

Day 3: Going strong with the diet. Had a chocolate craving after lunch but quickly grabbed a piece of fruit instead. I can do it! I’m not eating it.

Day 4: Argh! I got the munchies last night after dinner and I need chocolate. Couldn’t stop thinking about the Tim Tams in the cupboard. I asked hubby to hide them away for me so I can’t find them. Good plan. Crisis averted.

Day 5: Offspring is on tonight. How am I going to get through it without chocolate. Having a choccie treat while watching Offspring is my THING. I won’t have it though. I’m not going to eat chocolate.

Day 6: Well …  I’ve done it again. Last night hubby raided the Tim Tam packet and left the open packet in the fridge. Yep, you guessed it. I found them and devoured the lot!  I can’t believe I failed my diet again. I can’t believe I ate the whole packet – how did that even happen? I’m such an idiot. I’ll never lose weight.

And off you go … straight into the downward spiral of feeling guilty, of beating yourself up for being ‘bad’ and breaking the diet rules. That nasty voice inside your head is having a field day! You quit your diet, you stop going to the gym and you even pick a fight with hubby for leaving the Tim Tam packet in the fridge.

You know, I meet so many women who fall into this un-resourceful pattern of behaviour that is holding them back from getting the body shape they want. And I believe this is why dieting just doesn’t work. The problem is, when we label food as BAD, then we are going to feel BAD if we eat it. Then, when we feel bad, we look for something to comfort us and feel better. For many of us, that means FOOD and off we go on the guilt spiral again! Why do we let food control our feelings – and sometimes our whole lives – like this?

Did you know that ‘dieting’ or creating food rules are the biggest mistakes to make when working on changing your body shape long term? You see, the unconscious mind doesn’t hear the word ‘Don’t’ – it actually cannot process the negative context. So when you say “Don’t eat chocolate” your unconscious mind only hears “eat chocolate”.  When you’re dieting, it’s just a matter of time before your unconscious mind finally wins this internal battle you’re having with yourself, and you eat the chocolate. Then the ‘guilt’ cycle begins all over again and around in circles you go.

I actually spent years doing this to myself and I eventually decided I’d had enough.  I created a way to get off this ‘diet merry-go-round that isn’t so merry’ for good!  In the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive, we have a whole module dedicated to teaching you new habits and new mindset strategies to overcome the self-sabotage once and for all. It’s so powerful and so effective that you’ll never go on a diet again.

I’ll let you in on a secret … It’s not WHAT you eat; it’s HOW you eat that is the key to getting rid of the diet guilt forever.

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