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The ART of Relationships

If you’re sitting there thinking “Why the hell am I still single?” or “Why can’t I get along with my business partner?” it’s time to ART your relationships. Let me ask you what else is running through your mind. “Everyone else has a man except me.  What’s wrong with... read more

Taking a Step of Faith…

You often hear people talking about taking a “leap of faith” and it sounds kind of dramatic.  I picture cliffs and capes and fist punches in the air. While I’m sure that there are people who have taken that leap, I’m just as sure there are those who are putting... read more

If you believe it’s true, it’s true

If you believe it’s true, it’s true. Did you believe in Santa Claus? And when you believed in Santa Claus when you were a little kid, it didn’t matter what anyone said to you, you kept believing that Santa Claus was true. If we believe that we’re broken or... read more

What are the stories you tell yourself?

Today’s post is a reminder about beliefs and the ‘stories’ that little voice inside your head tells you. Do you know … it has been proven that your beliefs are in every one of your 50 trillion living cells in your body? They are YOU and drive... read more

Lifting the lid on ‘ART Your Life’

Article Published in RESIDENT MAGAZINE JUNE 2015 Women in Darwin have likely heard of something called ART Your Life. But what actually is it?  And what’s so good about it? “ART Your Life has been in my heart for as long as I can remember,” said the program’s... read more

The ART of Happiness

What IS happiness? Usually, it refers to a feeling – a sense of pleasure or contentment.  We all enjoy happy feelings so it’s no surprise that we strive to feel them. So many people are caught up in the pursuit of feeling happy, because that’s what society expects us... read more

The Two Most Powerful Words

I AM …. When put together, they are the most powerful words in the English language because whatever words you put after them become your identity, your reality and define you. How often do you find yourself saying things like …. I am lazy I am stupid I am silly I am... read more

Your Feelings Matter

Today I have an important reminder for you about listening within to your feelings with compassion and love for yourself – because your feelings matter. All too often we ignore, avoid and push down our feelings. If you ignore a child’s feelings they feel... read more

Whatever You Believe To Be True Is True

Man is what he believes. ~Anton Chekhov What ever you believe to be true is true. Your beliefs are the building blocks of your conscious thought and they create your reality. You have thousands of them about everything … business, relationships, health, fun,... read more