How to Be Happy Alone

The key to being in a content and committed relationship is figuring out firstly, how to be happy alone. It’s not uncommon for women to resent their personality and quirks, or question their own self-worth after their search for a life partner shifts from months to... read more

The Law of Manifestation

Creating a powerful vision for you and your life is one of the keys to turning dreams into reality. Our beautiful mind does not know the difference between reality and fiction. Remember when you last watched a scary movie? Was your heart beating faster, palms getting... read more

The power of “I AM”

The power of “I am”. When put together, the words “I” and “am” are the most powerful words in the English language. Whatever words you choose to put after them actually become your identity. Can you remember a time that you found yourself saying things like, “I am... read more

Having the confidence to be you

Love yourself. Does this title make you cringe? If so, it’s a sign you need to change your thinking. Loving yourself isn’t about being full of yourself and it’s not about being self-centered. Loving yourself is accepting your strengths and weaknesses... read more

The Magic of Mindfulness

The magic of mindfulness. Being mindful is when you notice unintended sarcasm or crankiness entering your tone of voice or when you notice negative or judgmental thoughts you are having about yourself or others. A few seconds of stopping and reflecting will enhance... read more

It’s all about the DO or DON’T

It’s all about the DO or DON’T The more you focus on what you don’t want in life – such as don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t do that old habit – the more you are actually going to keep doing it because your beautiful... read more

The ART of Not Pleasing Others

If you are so busy keeping people happy, why are they still expecting more and more from you? Why the hell are you feeling so frustrated and pressured? Look, it’s sweet that you want to please others and make their world a better place but that really isn’t possible.... read more

The ART of Relationships

If you’re sitting there thinking “Why the hell am I still single?” or “Why can’t I get along with my business partner?” it’s time to ART your relationships. Let me ask you what else is running through your mind. “Everyone else has a man except me.  What’s wrong with... read more