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We are bombarded daily with media images of the ‘thin ideal’, flawless skin, perfect features, photo-shopped celebrities and cover models. These images become the ‘ideal’ that we think we should look like, yet less than 5% of the female population are anything like these ideals.

When this becomes the ONLY idea of beauty in our culture, then women in particular can be negatively affected and live with body dissatisfaction. All too often, we measure our own self-worth based on our appearance which, as we know, can lead to serious issues such as extreme dieting, extreme exercising and eating disorders, low self-worth, anxiousness and feeling depressed and not good enough. This obsession is a time thief, energy vampire and it can be all consuming.

Having first hand experience of this myself and living with negative body image and an eating disorder for many years this is something I am extremely passionate about, so I am thrilled to be bringing the extraordinary Taryn Brumfitt, founder of The Body Image Movement to Darwin for two phenomenal events.

Developing Daughters and Supporting Sons

Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Emma Johnston, Clinical Psychologist, will share strategies to help you ‘ARMOUR’ your daughters and sons to foster a positive body image and build their confidence. Tuesday 10th June at 7:00pm. Click here to book your seat.

The Forum: Fearless and Fabulous. Getting Real about the Beauty Ideal

This event will be as REAL and RAW as it gets! Together, with our panel of expert guests, we’ll be debunking the BEAUTY IDEAL and reinventing the rules about self-love, success, sexiness. Wednesday 11th June at 7:00pm.  Click here to book your seat.

Taryn is creating a social media storm right now with the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Rosie O’Donnell, Zooey Deschanel and Amanda de Cadenet talking about her documentary fundraising campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Her Kickstarter fundraising campaign has been viewed over 9 million times and has over 7,300 backers, with over $265,000 already raised. The feature length documentary, called EMBRACE will unite women across the globe to love their bodies! 

Click play to watch the short documentary trailer


The movement of women loving themselves and their bodies and their lives is growing bigger and bigger. Come along to these events and be part of the movement. This is what ART Your Life is all about xx




“When a woman believes she is authentically beautiful, she frees herself from the overwhelming prison of self-doubt and feeling unworthy and instantly becomes a role model of self-love for our young girls and boys” ~Jade Beall