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The A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week Intensive Activates, Reshapes and Transforms your HEALTH, HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE!

Are you frustrated with yourself because of what you do (and don’t do)?

Do you feel empty and burnt out and that you have nothing left to give?

Do you sometimes feel as though you are inadequate and just not enough?

Are your past experiences STILL impacting your life?

Do you feel confused about yourself and your future?

If you’re tired of feeling this way and you just know that you want more out of life then A.R.T. Your Life is for you. 


A.R.T. Your Life is a revolutionary program designed especially for women.

It is world-class and PROVEN!

The unique mindset and mindfulness workshops, personal coaching, functional fitness, diet-free philosophy, behavioural profiling and level of accountability, support and motivation create a brand new you – in just 7 weeks!

A.R.T. Your Life helps you to …. 

Be present and live your life ALIVE, with passion and purpose,

Achieve more happiness, direction, and motivation every single day

Experience less stress and confidently manage the daily challenges of life

Regain control of unhealthy eating patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours

Create happier relationships and feel truly loved and connected

Love and value you and your body

A note from Catie Kirke  … 

A.R.T. Your Life has been in my heart for as long as I can remember. After bouts of anorexia and bulimia in my teenage years I went from a size 16 to a size 4. Yep I wore out a seat on the diet rollercoaster!

For years I felt so frustrated and I wanted to do something to help myself and other women who were like me. Having lived through childhood sexual abuse, a broken home, eating disorders and severe body image issues, I felt I needed to make good of those experiences. To me, that means helping other women live the life they deserve, no matter what they had experienced.

I wanted to help women decide that they DO want more out of life and to activate it. To do that, they need to reshape their old ways of thinking and behaving to then transform. And so, A.R.T. Your Life was born.

So what actually is A.R.T.?

A.R.T. Your Life helps women love themselves, their bodies and their lives. There’s nothing like A.R.T. anywhere else in the world. The signature seven-week intensive encompasses nutrition and fitness, relationships, behavioural dynamics, personality types, beliefs and values, delivered via world-class mindset workshops, weekly webinars and one-on-one coaching.

A.R.T. coaches have more than 10,000 hours of experience coaching women and are recognised as some of Australia’s best. Since A.R.T. was launched in 2011, more than 400 women have completed the seven-week program. 

We’ll not only give you the tools to create a life you love, we’ll hold your hand, embrace your heart, have your back and walk beside you, every step of the way.

Book after book. Course after course. For 20 years I chased that magic bullet that was going to ‘fix’ me. I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn’t find the answer. Now I know it’s because the answer wasn’t ‘out there’. It was within me.

Catie said to me “You’re not broken—there’s nothing to fix.” After 20 years of work, that was my ‘a-ha’ moment. There was obviously a lot of foundation laid prior to that, but ART was the last course I needed to do because I finally understood how things worked…how I worked. And what I needed to do to be happy.

ART has completely changed my mindset, which has changed my life. I can do anything. I’m a completely different person to who I was 12 months ago.

Leanne Wheelhouse


The A.R.T. Journey changes your beliefs, your emotions, your behaviours, your habits and your relationships… especially the one you have with yourself.

Become clear about what YOU want and need and how to make it happen.

Change your relationship with food forever. No more food guilt and no more comfort eating.

Understand your feelings and unlock the keys to happiness.

Gain extraordinary insight into your personality type and how it influences you.

Have a lifelong guide and road map to the mechanics of your conscious and unconscious mind.

Make that voice inside your head your very best friend, once and for all.

Create and maintain spark and intimacy in your relationship or learn how to attract your ideal partner.

Set yourself up for ongoing personal success and self-love.

What’s Included In The 7 Week Intensive?


The A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week Intensive is available as a LIVE face-to-face experience or as an ONLINE program, delivered completely online and via phone. So you can participate and benefit from this amazing experience wherever in the world you are.

When you join the 7 Week Intensive you’ll receive …

  • Personalised transformational 1:1 coaching with your own world-class A.R.T. Coach,
  • Dynamic workshops on topics including loving food for food and exercise for fun, magical relationships, mindset breakthroughs, the keys to extraordinary living and so much more,
  • Advanced behavioural profiling giving you an extraordinary insight into who you are and what makes you tick,
  • The A.R.T. Your Life Playbook written by Catie Kirke,
  • ARTfit pack of Workout DVDs and Workout Manual,
  • Weekly accountability webinars and 24 hour access to our private facebook community filled with support, motivation and accountability,
  • Daily support, motivation, tips, reminders, accountability and connection.

From the outside, my life may have looked perfect. But on the inside, I was curled up in a tight little ball, living like a well-trodden doormat in an unfulfilling marriage. I felt hopeless…like I didn’t have a choice. Then I found ART.

I tell you what, from the minute I sat down for that first webinar, I was absolutely stunned. This program and my coaching sessions with Master Coach Jo Osborne helped me turn my whole life around.

I finally recognised why I was doing what I was doing—how closed off I was. For the first time in years, I began to connect with my children. I woke up to myself and realised they needed me to sort out my own crap so I could start being the mother they deserved.

You can FEEL changes happening during those seven weeks. It can get intense, but it’s so amazing and inspiring and powerful. Two years on, I still have the odd struggle with the nasty cow in my head, but thanks to ART I know what I’m doing and that I do have a choice. I understand and appreciate my boys. If there’s one word to describe me after ART, it’s ‘grateful‘.

Tammy Thornley

A.R.T. Your Life is not a quick fix or magic pill. It’s about creating a new way of life that you love. 

By learning to truly understand yourself, you will find the exact keys you need to ignite your own personal fire & completely transform your lifestyle, happiness,health and confidence

In just 7 weeks, you can change your life too – and feel fabulous for LIFE!

We show you how to make fundamental changes that will work for you now, and will continue to work for you in the future.

BUT, you won’t do it alone; you’ll do it with our help. We promise to will be there all the way, holding your hand and giving you all of the support and resources that you need.

Your Future is Forever

What would your life look like if YOU discovered the secrets to happiness and freedom?

How would it feel to be a part of a positive and supportive group of women all on a journey of discovery together?

What lies in your future just out of reach that is WAITING for you to step up and rightfully claim?

NOW is the time to find out…

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