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This article was originally published in Resident Magazine, December 2014

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Been Like This For Too Long

Three generations bloom in this story. Kimdelia, Kiara and new born, Izzabela, now have a path different to the one they were on.

‘Life was in complete disarray for me,’ shares Kiara Arnold. ‘I didn’t have friends, couldn’t stick to a job, got bored easily and took drugs. I wasn’t confident, didn’t want to get too close to people and family issues made life unbearable.’

Drained, disconnected, emotionally wrecked and now carrying a baby, Kiara went into rehab, committed to the rigorous detox and with the guidance of a counsellor “began to see her life”.

Kimdelia, Kiara’s mum saw a friend’s Facebook post for an ART Your Life seminar and thought it would benefit her daughter so took her as a surprise hoping she’d embrace it.

Kiara did, and arrived “ready to restart her life”. Kimdelia was at last “at peace” and even joined the ART Your Life seven-week, intensive program knowing it would encourage and help her daughter.

 ‘Kiara is happy. I’m happy,’ says Kimdelia with a lighter heart. Kiara’s future is bright and that makes mine shine even more.’

Everyone Has Some

Catie Kirke was ‘getting through to Mum and I,’ says Kiara. ‘We were learning about ourselves, how to make our lives better and the way Catie explained it all made sense.’

Kiara rediscovered patience, trust, self-confidence and that ‘you can choose the way you feel.’

She challenged her comfort zone to ‘be comfortable with being uncomfortable’ reminding herself how desperately she wanted change.

It was also the bond within their ART group that made Kimdelia realize ‘everyone has struggles and problems. And, I didn’t feel so alone or guilty anymore for the choices I made in life. ART brought an awareness that you can share your baggage, stuff you’d never ever divulge, without judgment.’

And Baby Makes Three

Home now with baby Izzabela, and partner, Barkley, forever by her side, Kiara has never been happier.

‘Everything feels right,’ adds Kiara who, according to her mum, has flourished from strength by strength, is responsible, caring, a wonderful parent and has the confidence and structure to be in control of running her home business, Yummy Mummy Entrepreneur. ‘I’ve never had goals before. Now I do,’ enthuses Kiara.

Words Kimdelia has ached to hear and no doubt Izzabela will echo.

 ‘I’m so grateful for the kind-hearted women in ART, who’ve supported Kiara and given her love. I see Kiara being a wonderful mum with purpose and responsibilities she can now take onboard and cope with. She has support and friends and they call themselves, “Arties” not aunties.’

‘Before ART Your Life, I didn’t hold a lot of faith in Kiara’s ability to stay drug-free and had expectations I’d end up with baby Izzabela full time. ART helped me to see that no matter what kind of woman you are, we all have secrets.

I wasn’t alone or judged.’

‘We are guides to our children, however, they are in control of their choices.’ ~Kimdelia Arnold


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