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About A.R.T. Your Life

At A.R.T. Your Life, our mission is to help women across the world learn to love themselves, their bodies, and their lives through our transformational A.R.T. Your Life 7 Week Intensive.

A.R.T.’ is the acronym that Catie Kirke created to convey her signature A.R.T. Your Life Intensive in a fun and memorable way. Catie believes that life is like a canvas; it’s ours to paint and design in any way we choose. When you A.R.T. Your Life, you create your very own masterpiece!

A.R.T.’ is also an acronym for ACTIVATE, RESHAPE, and TRANSFORM  – which is the amazing process that we take A.R.T. Your Life participants through to create powerful and permanent change in their lives.

The A.R.T. Your Life approach creates inner health and happiness from the inside out.  It’s fresh, it’s real, it’s raw – and it is specifically designed to help women of all ages and backgrounds rediscover their appetite and passion for life!

Meet The Team

Catie Kirke

Catie Kirke

Founder and Director of Art Your Life

Catie Kirke is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, media contributor, and founder of the highly acclaimed ART Your Life and Miss ART programs.

She regularly facilitates corporate training events and is in demand as a keynote speaker. With her engaging style and energy, Catie inspires audiences and is renowned for creating breakthrough results where it really matters.

Catie is passionate about people performing at their highest potential and living lives that they love. She is candid about her own journey of struggle to become the woman she is today, and her refreshing honesty has touched hearts across the world.

Catie is a certified Life Coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Extended Disc Personality Profile Specialist and is a Values Pendulum Practitioner.

Prior to launching ART Your Life, Catie ran a successful fitness centre for 10 years at which time she was a recipient of the NT Telstra Business Women’s Award and NT Fitness Leader of the Year Award. She was the Northern Territory Police Health and Fitness Development Officer for six years. Since moving to Melbourne, she has been inducted as the first female into the Brighton Rotary Chapter, and is focused on the expansion of her programs for women and teens.

The ART Your Life 7-Week Intensive is a comprehensive coaching & training program for women designed to help create change from the inside out.  The unique content and high-impact structure includes mindset and mindfulness workshops, personal coaching, functional fitness and a diet-free philosophy.  The Intensive is available face-to-face in Australia and online globally, to find out more click here

The Miss ART program for teens brings this life-changing content to our daughters in a fun and accessible format.  Our next generation of women are taught mindset principles that enable them to deal with their challenges, adopt positive beliefs, and create powerful choices for their future. www.missart.com.au


Jo Osborne

Jo Osborne

Master Coach

Jo Osborne is a world class transformational coach. She has been instrumental in the creation of the ART Your Life series of programs and has her own unique style of communication with purpose. Jo is a qualified life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Extended Disc Behavioural Profile Specialist.

Jo assists women to become the best version of themselves by busting any unresourceful limiting beliefs. She has a unique way of revealing hidden patterns that are responsible for holding an individual back in their life. Coming from a place of curiosity she will help you to discover who you are and what makes you tick and, even more importantly, who you know you want to be. She helps you to make it happen!

Jo also coaches the many teenage girls in our Miss ART voluntary program overcome body image issues and past hurts. She has a passion for personal breakthroughs. Jo has over 1500 hours of experience coaching people in the ART Your Life programs. She is committed to supporting and helping you to see new possibilities and shows you how to get there.

When you work with Jo get ready to truly blossom and be the real you with habits, behaviours and feelings you love. She will help you, love you – as in all of you – and as that happens; so do miracles.

Learn how to love yourself, your body and your life …