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A Winter Gave Me Confidence

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Article Written and Published by NT Style Wedding Magazine, June 2014, featuring photography by Jean Martin of Point of You Studios, Darwin

Suzie Brown. 47, was done with men. Two divorces down, she wasn’t prepared to set herself up for a third.

“I wasn’t in a good way,” she said.

“I wasn’t really interested in getting into another relationship. I had closed my heart.”

It is not uncommon for the pain of divorce to lead to feelings of mistrust and disinterest.

That Suzie opted to fight against instinct via ART Your Life is a testament to her character.

Suzie signed up for the ART Your Life 7 Week Intensive program after returning home from a health retreat in Queensland.

She said that retreat had opened her eyes to the importance of emotional health and the possibility of self-improvement.

“I really wanted to take advantage of that positivity and continue my journey,” she said.

Founded by life coach Catie Kirke, the ART Your Life Program combines coaching, mindset, fitness and nutrition strategies to help clients achieve the improvements they seek.

Suzie said her involvement in the program completely changed her attitude.

“It was amazing,” said Suzie.

“I had always thought the way I behaved or the way I thought about things was unusual. I would always question myself. But Catie helped me realise I am not unusual at all. My feelings are natural and relevant. The confidence I have gained has made an impact in all areas of my live.

The one gun-shy Suzie is now two and half years into a strong and meaningful relationship with partner Brett.

She said understanding the four seasons, and allowing them to contribute to the relationship, had enabled her to move forward with a new-found confidence.

“Once upon a time, I would have let winter be the end of a relationship,” said Suzie.

“I would have thought ‘it’s all over’. Now, in my current relationship, I have been able to acknowledge winter and work at it. Actually, it was a winter that gave me confidence. It’s great to know you can have a winter patch and come out stronger on the other side.”

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