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Article Written and Published by NT Style Wedding Magazine, June 2014, featuring photography by Jean Martin of Point of You Studios, Darwin

Understanding the relationship cycle will stand your marriage in good stead.

Seasons play an important role in wedding planning.  

Most couples hope for clear skies on their big day and select a wedding date accordingly. Some avoid the summer months for fear of melting while others seek the crisp romance that winter can bring.

In the Northern Territory, the rules are a little different but the seasonal decision is still a major one as couples embrace the winter months to avoid the big wet.

But what role do the seasons have to play after your wedding day? A big one, according to life coach Catie Kirke, founder of ART Your Life.

“Just like the weather, our relationships take a journey through the seasons,” said Catie

“Whether intimate or not, relationships have a spring, a summer, an autumn and a winter.”

The Seasons of Relationships

Recognising the different seasons – as well as the important role they each play – will allow couples to better understand each other and help the relationship grow.”

Spring would be tough to beat in the battle for Australia’s favourite season. The weather warms, the flowers bloom and the optimistic shift is palpable.

It’s also a time of the relationship cycle.

“Spring is the honeymoon period,” said Catie.

‘Everything about the relationship is interesting, exciting. Things are new and the right buttons are being pressed.”

A relationship’s spring usually lasts between three and 12 months, according to Catie before summer sets in.

With summer comes an established heat and a sense of certainty begins to replace the ad hoc excitement.

Catie said “During summer, things fall into more of a routine.”

“There is a permanency about the relationship that is recognised by others as you start to receive invites as a couple. Within your relationship, routines and roles are starting to be defined.”

Come autumn, the tone shifts towards one of nurture.

“Autumn is about the growth of something outside of the relationship, not the growth of the relationship which occurs predominantly in spring,” said Catie.

It might be as simple as joining a sports team together, or getting a dog or as significant as building a house or welcoming your first baby.

“Either way there’s a sense of ‘it’s ours and we’re growing it together’.

And then brrrrrr, winter strikes. It’s cold. Sometimes bitter. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Catie said: “All relationships have winters – those times when you want to strangle each other. But this can be a really positive time if you know how to use it. Winter is a chance to reflect – to learn about your partner, about yourself and about your relationship. It is a chance to build in preparation for your next spring.”

Catie said winter often spells the death of a relationship because couples don’t communicate well enough to survive.

“People who expect a relationship to be roses – or spring – all the time become apathetic and fail to learn the lessons winter has to offer,” she said.

“Use your winter to hibernate before taking your relationship to another level.”

The relationship cycle is part of the life-changing curriculum at ART Your Life – a revolutionary program based in Darwin.

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