A.R.T. is not about finger painting nor drawing!

It stands for Activate, Reshape and Transform and it gives you what you need to love yourself, your body and your life.

A.R.T. Your Life helps you to:

Stop self-doubt, self-sabotage and unwanted habits,
Get out of body jail and stop battling your body,
Let go of past hurts and negative experiences,
Shut your inner critic up and silence the shitty committee,
Feel calm, confident and in control,
Be motivated, healthy and happy,
Believe in and understand yourself,
Love the most important person in the world – YOU!


A.R.T Your Life is a revolutionary program designed especially for women.

It is world class and PROVEN!

The unique mindset and mindfulness workshops, world class personal coaching, functional fitness, diet-free philosophy, behavioural profiling and level of accountability, support and motivation will create a brand new you – in just 7 weeks!

Life isn’t a trial run. You only get ONE shot.

Ask yourself, “Am I truly living the life of my dreams?”

If the answer is “NO” or “Not really” … then what are you waiting for?

I felt sick and disconnected but doing Catie’s A.R.T Your Life Intensive allowed me to learn about me, self-worth, to listen, to know I have a voice and I am my own safe place, and all of these tools enable me to breathe and not open a bottle of red.

Now, I’m excited about waking up; there’s colour in my life and it’s fantastic. I’m learning, growing and volunteering with ART your life, watching other women discover these “aha” moments. It’s my contribution, my thank you and I want them all to have what I achieved – a life I’m so grateful to live.

Stephanie Brown

I’ve learnt to accept and be free of my past experiences which is one of the most profound outcomes I achieved through Catie Kirke’s A.R.T. Your Life 7-Week Intensive. I’ve learnt about the power and impact of the unconscious mind and how our thoughts create our reality.

I also understand who I am, which is a wonderful dichotomy of flamboyance and precision – two different parts that make me whole. Recognising this feels like the chains have finally come off and it’s okay to be me.  Now, I’m giving myself opportunities to do what I want in life by using the tools Catie taught me. I’m informed, balanced and feel like I’ve just walked out of jail.

Amanda Brain

Hi, I’m Catie Kirke and while my life looks pretty shiny on the outside, for many years I felt rotten and empty on the inside … 

I have been:

  • A size 16 and a size 4 and suffered from eating disorders (and everything in between!),
  • Busted arse and broke,
  • Heart broken (a couple of times),
  • Addicted to punitive exercise and other vices,
  • Confused and overwhelmed,
  • Waiting for the right moment to get my sh*t together,
  • Stuck in a job that felt like ground hog day,
  • Desperate to find meaning and purpose.

Today I am:

  • Living a life with meaning and living a meaningful life,
  • Passionate about helping women love themselves, their bodies and their lives,
  • Being the best role model I can be for my daughter
  • A world class presenter and facilitator,
  • A transformational life coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) Master Practitioner, Extended Disc Behavioural Profile Specialist and a Values Pendulum Practitioner and NLP Trainer and a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer,
  • Co-author of the Best Seller – ‘Manifesting In High Heels’ a book that helps you manifest a life you love.

I take what I do very seriously. It’s not froth and bubble. 

YES! A.R.T. Your Life can help you. YES! It works. YES! I care!

You will not be a number nor is A.R.T. Your Life the next shiny thing – it gives you what you need to love yourself, your body and your life